Directorate of Education

The Directorate of Education is responsible for the administration of the education system in the Faroe Islands such as the primary school, the secondary school, and other schools in the education system.

The Directorate of Education was established on September 1st, 2018. It is a department under the Ministry of Children and Education, and its main objective is to improve quality and support educational progress in accordance with law, government policies, evidence-based practices, and international standards. Underlying institutions in the educational system can communicate directly with the Directorate of Education.

To ensure that the Directorate of Education can provide a comprehensive service to the educational system, the Directorate includes branches for specific areas. These are:

  • The Faroese Student Grant Fund which provides student grants and loans to Danish nationals and permanent residents in the Faroe Islands who study in the Faroes and abroad.
  • The National Guidance Office which offers people access to counseling, whether it be about education, career, work, or life in general.
  • The Administration of the Faroese Music School which coordinates the responsibilities in the music school system. This includes daily communication with the local music schools as well as handling HR matters and employment issues.
  • The Unified IT Strategy Project For The School System In The Faroe Islands. Its main objective is to develop a student management system, an improved IT infrastructure as well as a joint leadership and organizational development course and a joint IT didactic capabilities development concept.

The Directorate’s main tasks can be summarized as follows:

  • Responsibility for the administration of the education system in the Faroe Islands and implementation of the national curriculum and requirements.
  • Ensure all students get a qualified education in accordance with the Faroese law and policies, evidence-based practices, and international standards.
  • Monitor and evaluate school progress.
  • Accumulate, analyze, and distribute information and guidance on educational matters to policy makers, educational authorities, professionals and the public.
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